Thursday, August 9, 2012

nak kawin?

nak kawin
nak kawin
nak kawin

tapi dengan sape? -_-

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

broken heart

1 wrong doing leads to a broken heart,
2 wrong doings lead to an even worse broken heart,
3 wrong doings lead to the worst broken heart in the universe.

so, take it slow.
let it heal.
cause i can forgive you in a second,
but to forget, i need a little more.
lets just do the best we can,
and let the time tell how this will end.


second chance

Second chance is not meant for the same mistake to be repeated for the second time.
Same with third chance, and forth.

please take note.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

me love thursday!

sun                      mon                   tues                    wed                   thurs

I become a ninja every thursday. HAHA


" You might be married to the worst man on earth, like Asiah who married Firaun (Pharoah), but it didn't change her (aqidah). 

You might be married to the best man on earth, like Nabi Lut's wife, yet that doesn't mean you're going to Jannah with him. 

You might not be married at all, like our beloved Maryam yet Allah SWT places your status above all other women on earth. 

Have faith in Allah always and place your full trust in Him. He's the central focal point of our lives "